Embedding a map in a photo using shortcuts

Hi, this is the continuation of a scriptable question about embedding a map.

I have done this with shortcuts using openstreetmap.
This looks like:

I split it into two scripts, one calling the other:
Outer one:

This transforms the geo- coordinates into tile- numbers for OSM

Inner one:

This loads the 4 tiles and pins the location

Have fun!

So I renamed the ‘inner one’ to be called GetOSMap22 to match the callout in the ‘outer one’ but now instead of failing by saying that it doesn’t recognize the callout it just seems to fail without showing any result, nor saving a new photo.

(Note: I do get to select a photo, and to set a zoom level, but then it thinks for a while, then I see the green background progressing across the overlay masked image onto foto step and it crashes).

Any ideas?

Same experience here

Hi all,

First of all - sorry, I was not aware of that the names of the shortcuts are not preserved- renaming the „inner one“ was indeed right.

The getOsmap22 should be able to run standalone- did you tried that? Maybe it fails due to the access of the Web Site- which will be asked for if running the first time.

We will get the thing going;)

Hi! I created an all-in-one shortcut that does the same thing but with Apple Maps images: https://www.icloud.com/shortcuts/29026a96df22462e921970c91567d3b6

First, we select a photo and get the address out of it using Apple Maps. Then I switch into light mode (my phone is always in dark mode) because the “Mask Addresses with Ellipse” step generates an image from the address and that uses the current light/dark mode setting. Once I got the masked image, I revert to dark mode. Then I overlay the masked image on the initially selected photo, show it in quick look and allow it to be shared.

Of course, the image generated gives you not a lot of options, but GizmoPack has a “Snapshot Map” function that is relatively flexible (but does not add a pin to the location – which you could do yourself with a bit of image overlaying).

I love how you can get similar results with different approaches in Shortcuts and the flexibility you get to make something your own.

Edit: Forgot to add my example image:

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Hi Yatil,

Seems a lot more straight forward than my solution;)

I‘d never have tried to handle map-adresses as a map picture…

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That’s the nice thing with Apple’s actions in particular. If you use the “View Content Graph” action, you get all the different formats that you can use. In this case that includes “Image” :slight_smile:

Now I have a clue what that content graph is for…:joy:

Thank you!