Import Scripts from Github Gists


As @simonbs shared a script to upload files to Github Gists, I got the idea to make a script to import Scripts in Scriptable from Gists, as the only other way currently is to copy and paste them.

How to use

Simply share the Gist website with this script and it will import it. When it’s done, it will send you a notification, which is removed after about 2 s from the notification center. For more information, look at the comment at the top of the script.

If there are any problems, please don’t hesitate to post here :wink:

Update - v1.1

I’ve updated the script to downlaod from private Gists. For the icing of the cake I’ve also added a menu to list your own Gists.
I’ve now had the idea while writing this that I could also add the starred Gists… maybe if I’ve enough free time, I will add them as well.
For now, have fun!
Oh, almost forgot: If you are using @simonbsCreate Gist, you don’t need to authenticate again, because this script uses the same Keychain keys! But if you log out/delete the credentials, you have to log in again with the script you specified in the Github OAuth app, otherwise it will give you an error.


Woah, that’s very cool! Thanks for sharing this. It definitely beats my tiny shortcut which only supports a single file.

For reference:

I’ve updated the script! Have a look at the first post for the changelog :wink: