IFTTT is not reliable to send URL requests, looking for an alternative solution

I have some Tuya Smart Life devices, and when one is turned on I’d like to execute a shortcut via Pushcut automation server, but unfortunatelly IFTTT only runs the web request half of the time sometimes with minutes of delay.
I have e-mailed the Smart Life app developer asking for URL request function, but I don’t think anything will be done for a while.
Also been experimenting with Integromat, they do not support Smart Life, I was looking for an instant trigger that IFTTT could handle as an action. Been playing with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, Google Sheets, none of them really worked. Is there any other instant trigger on Integromat that IFTTT could trigger somehow? Or any better idea?

There look to be standard notifications available on iOS. That won’t give you the actionable part I’m guessing, so what other automation options are available? Maybe there’s something that can be triggered on switch on that we can get more control over? Maybe even direct to Pushcut.

I can turn on other devices based on another device’s status. I can schedule, and do location and weather based automations. Receive a phone call, SMS when something happens ( I haven’t tried them).
I have some door sensors, and there is one in my bedroom. What I’m trying to do is, when I’m not home and my room door is open an empty smart plug will turn on, and when it turns on I’d like a shortcut to be executed, so I can scare my room mate out of the room. It takes pictures and sends me a pushcut notifcation with the ability to receive a facetime call from my automation server.

So nothing to integrate sending a message to a web API from what you have listed. :frowning:

But maybe if you can SMS a URL to yourself, you might be able to use that to run your shortcut?

Not automatically, I don’t think so.
I have also linked Smart Life to Google Home, I was wondering if it was possible to write a Google Code, but I don’t think a device could trigger that code to run. I have downloaded a few 3rd party apps, but none of them have that function. I will just send them all a feedback and hope one of them will support it.

Got it. I missed that you had specifically mentioned automation server above. SMS would indeed be a manual trigger.

Have you asked Integromat people if they could build a Smart Life integration? It’s my understanding that they’re very ambitious and eager to add new services. :thinking: Since there is some kind of (unofficial?) API, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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Have you looked into Zapier as an alternative to IFTTT?

If you need SMS as a trigger, you can always look into getting a phone number with a service that will do that. I use Twilio, but it looks like Integromat has integrations with competing services as well.

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