LaunchCuts 1.1: Faster Sync, Today Widget, Share Sheet Support, and Custom Actions

LaunchCuts 1.1 has been released with the following new features:

  • Faster Sync : A dramatically improved sync engine performs a full sync every time with progress. Existing LaunchCuts users must update to the latest version of the LaunchCuts Helper shortcut.
  • Today Widget : Access your LaunchCuts Folders and shortcuts from the Shortcuts Today widget with the LaunchCuts Today shortcut.
  • Share Sheet Support : Use LaunchCuts from the iOS Share Sheet with the LaunchCuts Today shortcut.
  • Custom Actions : Use and extend LaunchCuts from your own shortcuts: Get Folders, Get Folder, Open Folder, and Launch Shortcut.
  • Reduced Shortcut Height : Display shortcut names on one line, instead of two, in the Shortcuts Grid to fit more shortcuts on-screen.

Full documentation for LaunchCuts’ new features is available here.

LaunchCuts 1.1 is available now on the App Store. If you’re a customer of LaunchCuts and like how it’s improved the organization of your shortcuts, I’d appreciate it if you would leave a star rating.


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I think you maybe meant to post that reply on this thread.

Lol! Yes. I don’t know what happened. It has been a long day. Let me try to copy the message there.

WOW! My 400+ Shortcuts now sync in 3 seconds. Amazing update and I’m just getting started in it. Thank you @adamtow.


You are welcome!

FYI: found a bug where if your shortcuts have “.shortcut” in their names (common if you import shortcuts from a file), the import will strip out the “shortcut” part of the name. Will get a fix for this coming week.

My favorite new feature is definitely the less tall (shorter?) lines. I like to have the shortcuts as one shortcut/line and that view looks now much better. So thank you! :heart_eyes:

I’ve had a bit rough day so my brain is fried, but at the glance the Today Widget looked like it just has the same folders as the main view. I wish I could choose which folders to have at the Today Widget. :thinking:

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You can have LaunchCuts Today display a single folder by creating a shortcut that looks like this:

Replace the contents of the Text action with the UUID of the folder that you want to display. You can always tap the “…” link in the menu to see the rest of your LaunchCuts folders.

If you want to display a list of specific folders, you could do something like this:

With custom actions from LaunchCuts, you can do a lot to extend and control LaunchCuts from your own shortcuts.

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Fix for faux file extensions (.shortcut in the shortcut name) is trickier than I expected. Consider it a known issue and remove them from your shortcut names in the meantime.

Update: Figured it out. Pushing LaunchCuts 1.1.1 to the App Store and LaunchCuts Helper 1.1.1 which resolves this problem.

Any chance the today widget shortcut also needs to consider pagination for those with more than say a dozen folders (I have 17 currently)?

It works fine on my iPad, but fails on my iPhone 8+. I’ve rebooted and occasionally get a flash of a menu list, but ultimately get the following.

If I just use Get LaunchCuts folders and Choose From in a Shortcut from the today widget it works fine, but the official shortcut is doing more, so I’m guessing it’s just maxing things out memory-wise on the phone.

I might well roll my own for setting a sub-set of the ones I’d want to access quickly, but I’d guess that there may be others experiencing the same issue with the official shortcut.

In the customize options section, you can set the number of items to display, which affects both folders and shortcuts. The default is 12. Can you set to 10 or lower and see if it loads properly on your iPhone 8?

I don’t have per-device settings, so whatever you choose is what will be used for both devices. Didn’t want to complicate the shortcut, since they operate under limited memory in the Today widget.

I’d already tried it down at 5 when I first encountered the issue.

Setting at 5

Here’s a video showing what I see. The first clean run, I get a brief flash of my folders - more than 5 of them, which is why I was assuming it wasn’t applying the limit to the folders.

The second run gives me the unable to load message after a subsequent menu flash.

Try this version of LaunchCuts Today:

Fix for the folder pagination bug. Shortcuts AND folders should now respect the items per page customization option.

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That fixes it :+1:t2:

it does now apply the folder limit and knocking down the value to a lower one gives a clean run.

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Just another “congratulations” to @adamtow on this app. Each updates adds value… the speed improvements in the latest version are remarkable.

His care and responsiveness are impressive and appreciated. In response to a recent feature request of mine he responded it was a possibility but not in the short term. In the mean time he provided me a workaround shortcut as a simple alternative. Unnecessary, but truly appreciated! — jay