Idea / request: Spotify -> Sonos

Howdy, all. I had an idea for a useful automation today, but not exactly sure how I’d go about implementing it. Often, when I’m driving, I’m listening to Spotify in my car, from my iPhone. When I get home, I’d love to have a single shortcut that “transfers” my listening from Spotify to Sonos so it can play over my home speakers. For bonus points, I’d love it to pick up right where I am now in the track.

I did install the “image grid” shortcut here (Spotify Playlist to image grid) and it works great, so I’ve got the basics. But I’m not sure how I’d go further; Spotify doesn’t seem to contribute any actions, nor does Sonos. Anybody know if it might be possible, or feel like giving it a go?

Also, I do have Airplay 3, so in theory this could be done just in iPhone settings by changing the audio destination from “Car bluetooth” to “Home sonos”. But I don’t see a way to do that either.

Not quite an automation, but when your phone is locked you should see the media controls. If you click on the icon in the top right corner, usually you can change the output—perhaps that will solve your problem? (I don’t have Sonos or CarPlay so there may be a subtlety I’m missing!)

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Yep, that is the only way I change inputs.