Spotify Playlist to image grid

This might be a weird one but I’ve been needing something like this and you might find it a useful starting point for your Spotify related shortcuts (something I haven’t seen many of)

You need 2 shortcuts:

Spotify Authenticate: requires Client ID and Client Secret:

Spotify playlist to image grid: requires Spotify playlist URL (from clipboard or user input) and grabs the authentication from the shortcut above:

What it returns is a large (huge!!!) image grid of all album cover artwork in the playlist.

Howdy! I just tried using this, and was getting the error “Cannot run Combine Images: No images were provided to combine.” I was able to fix it by inserting one additional “Get Dictionary Value” block with a value “tracks” above the one where you get “items” (because items is nested inside tracks). It also helped to put an “if” block around the “get URL” and checking to see if there was an “http” in the URL string, because apparently sometimes it’s not valid for some reason. Cheers!