How to track… anything? #LifeLogging

Hey folks,

I’ve cobbled together a whole bunch of apps to track certain life-logging activities and enjoy a lot of what they can do. I’ve noticed, though, that there are a lot of apps I’m using to track super simple things like when I took a pill, my energy levels, fatigue, other miscellaneous symptoms, etc. I figured I could just set up a Google sheet and append entries via shortcuts and IFTTT, but thought I’d ask everyone here if there’s a better way?

It’d be cool to have a nicer GUI that had the options for sliders, colors, and other types of data, but they’re not totally required, obviously. Function over form for me, but a little bit of form would be nice. :wink:

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Have you read this thread?

You can build GUI in a variety of apps and services that you could integrate with this type of approach.


Oh my gosh thank you! It sure why that feed didn’t come up when I searched.

Thanks again!

Checkout Nomie then routine hub. You can log data either in the nomie app or from custom shortcuts.

Hmm, that’s super interesting! Do you know why they are only doing a web app?

Sorry, I just found his FAQ and it answered my question. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

There used to be native apps, I think the creator has elaborated on the why somewhere possibly youtube. If I recall to many restrictions around the app store. It works fine as a PWA.