How to generate a "daily" actionable local notification to run a shortcut/script?


I want to create an actionable local notification that runs once every workday; the action should run a shortcut/script.

How can I do this?

Does Shortcuts support this?

I think it should be possible in Scriptable using its Notification support, by scheduling five (Mo/Tu/We/Th/Fr) weekly notifications. Unfortunately the documentation is not very clear: weekday refers to “a specific day of the week”, but how does the counting work? When does the week start? (Mo/Su/…) And where does the numbering start? (0/1)

@simonbs Can you please explain? (And perhaps improve the documentation?)


One option would be to use Launch Center Pro to run a shortcut. You can set up the notification for each weekday (even in the old version). When it appears you can simply tap on it to run the shortcut.


Yes, that works! (I did not even know that this was possible)

However, I seem to easily miss the LCP notifications…


Launch Center Pro is ideal; the latest version having more versatile scheduling options. The script would need to be triggered by a URL scheme call as you might expect.

Scriptable notifications would absolutely enable this. The days of the week I believe are the standard JavaScript ones used in getDay(), etc. I believe (Sunday = 0).

Due can also be used to produce scheduled actionable notifications in a similar way to LCP, and might be an alternative for you if you don’t have LCP.

Shortcuts doesn’t exactly have the scheduling built in, but you can view a shortcut and then Ask Siri to schedule a reminder which when the notification appears should be actionable.


Hope that helps.


I do have LCP and it does the job indeed.

PS: the script is a Pythonista script, so I don’t even need Shortcuts in this use case :slight_smile:


I only included Shortcuts in my response as you explicitly asked about it :wink:


Yes, definitely my fault.

Somehow I focused too much on Shortcuts being required…

In fact: Pythonista itself has native Notifcation support

(I will try this later)


Pythonista turns out to be perfect for this:

I can schedule (repeating) actionable (local) notifications and the notification actions will run in the background.


+1 for Launch Center Pro. I had one for a while but I could never really figure out what I wanted to put in a daily notification.


@sylumer I do have both, but I never knew you could trigger actions with Due! How is this done?


Have a read through this post. There’s discussion about it in regards to what the OP wanted to do.


Thank you! It’s a bit convoluted, but good to know it’s possible nonetheless :slight_smile: