How do I search inside Scriptable App?

I’ve just started using Scriptable and want to be able to search the contents of the script to easily locate variables and sections while editing. I have been unable to locate any type of Find or Search command inside the app and feel like I must be missing something super obvious. Would someone tell me what I’m missing? Thank you!


If there’s a way to do this, I’d love to know as well. Organizing with folders or tags would be great too. I’m sure it’s on the roadmap!

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Simon once wrote here somewhere that he wants to use folders somehow but couldn’t decide how to do it. Seems like he got carried away with other things.

I also remember that he noted a search function to his backlog, but to this day, none of the two features are not yet implemented. Hopefully sometime soon!

The search feature could be done with a little workaround, using another script that presents an alert with a text box and then searches all scripts/a specific script and displays the line number(s) so you can scroll there yourself. Opening the script editor is possible via the URL scheme, but not scrolling to a specific line.


Thank you, I appreciate this info!

If he postponed search and folders to implement widgets… I’m totally ok with that. :rofl:

I can get around tags with naming conventions, and I like your search-script idea. Maybe if someone writes it, he could just include it.

While I’m thinking of it, git/GitHub integration would be awesome.

也许在后面的版本会添加这个功能 :grinning:

@schl3ck has already provided an approach to importing from gists.

And @simonbs has provided one for exporting to gists.

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You could use an external editor for that like Textastic or (on the desktop) Visual Studio Code.
You’d lose the ability to autocomplete Scriptable’s built-in, though. Although there might be a way around this in VSC. Personally, I prefer typing on my Mac to swiping on my iPad :wink:

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When using VS Code you can add a typings file with the types from Scriptable. I’m maintaining exactly that and you can find more info here:


That’s what I was vaguely remembering. Thanks a lot, works like a charme