HomeControl Menu for Homekit

In my non-ending quest to automate homekit accessories with keyboard maestro, I found HomeControl Menu for Homekit in the Mac App Store. Sharing specifically because it is x-callback-url scriptable!

I haven’t tried it out as it requires OS X 11 and I’m stuck in Catalina for work reasons, but wanted to share with the community.

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Ooooh! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been wanting a way to do this with Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck. Seems like just the thing.

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FYI The developer added the ability for HomeControl to trigger AirPlay scenes.

I am using it to use KM/StreamDeck to play/pause playlists on my HomePod.

I also posted this on MPU.

In fact I’m not sure if I’ll use StreamDeck (scarce real estate) or MetaGrid (plentiful real estate) for this.

love this. thanks. I added some lighting effects to longer KM macros triggered by my stream deck. very helpful!

Hey, I found this today app today as I was getting sick of having to open the Home app on my Mac when I leave my home office (I have a scene that turns all my lights off play the fan and puts the Mac to sleep ). But I need a quicker way (could use Siri I suppose, but still too slow and prone to errors, keyboard always the fastest via Alfred for Mac).

I actually did via a google search

Call Apple Home scenes via command line and got https://github.com/homebridge/homebridge/issues/2017 See the last comment.

But thought before I bought it, I should search here first, seems others know about this app already and it’s good! Will buy it, thanks All!

I wonder if @RosemaryOrchard knows about this as given most of the coverage recently it would be a good one to mention on the Auotmoatos podcast?

Let’s just say, it will be making an appearance next week!


I would LOVE to control my Philips Hue lights and amazon smart plugs with Keyboard Maestro! could this be the thing??!!

Technically, you could run a shell script from Keyboard Maestro that uses curl to interact with the Philips Hue API (on a Hue Bridge) to control lights. I’ve done such interactions directly from Shortcuts and time based ones from my Mac mini for years.

Here’s the man for curl:

And here’s the page I used to get some details about the Hue API:

But, it may be worth hanging in there for a couple of weeks to see what Rosemary and David have in store :wink:

Awesome, be hanging out for that episode!

Is anyone having issues with this app’s x-callback-urls changing? I need to frequently update my KM macros with the updated urls so the macros don’t fail when my Stream Deck triggers them!