HomeControl Menu for Homekit

In my non-ending quest to automate homekit accessories with keyboard maestro, I found HomeControl Menu for Homekit in the Mac App Store. Sharing specifically because it is x-callback-url scriptable!

I haven’t tried it out as it requires OS X 11 and I’m stuck in Catalina for work reasons, but wanted to share with the community.

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Ooooh! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been wanting a way to do this with Keyboard Maestro and Stream Deck. Seems like just the thing.

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FYI The developer added the ability for HomeControl to trigger AirPlay scenes.

I am using it to use KM/StreamDeck to play/pause playlists on my HomePod.

I also posted this on MPU.

In fact I’m not sure if I’ll use StreamDeck (scarce real estate) or MetaGrid (plentiful real estate) for this.

love this. thanks. I added some lighting effects to longer KM macros triggered by my stream deck. very helpful!