Get Scriptable output from Shortcuts

If I have a shortcuts step call a scriptable script how do I go about getting the output so I can use it In the next step of the shortcut?

Take a look at what I used in this thread.

It’s to do with opening the x-success via Safari :wink:


I’ll use the callback method. I just thought since it’s a step in a shortcut there would be a simple way to get data to the next shortcut step.

It’s all API calls or x-callback URLS behind the scenes until Apple presents any alternatives. Since this is all on device, on non-integrated apps, the URL reigns supreme. Shortcuts calls Scriptable, do the processing, Scriptable issues the return call, and Shortcuts moves to the next step with access to the data returned.

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To make x-callback operations more manageable on the Scriptable side, you might also be intererested in the module I presented here.