Editor is aligned to right when using BIDI (Bidirectional) locale such as Hebrew/Arabic

As Javascript is Latin, the editor should probably have hard override of LTR (Left to Right) and not inherit system default.

Also I cannot paste into the editor, as paste is not available… is there a special reason why I cannot paste external file?

BTW: have you considered to use git (read only) as a source for scripts? It would make maintenance much easier.


Pasting text into the editor works for me. Pasting a file, doesn’t make sense though. if you want to copy a file into Scriptable’s source folder in iCloud, that can be done via the Files app. It would then be accessible to the app.

There are a couple of Git gist related scripts available via this forum:

Thank you for your helpful reply! For paste text - I just do not have “paste” option when I long-click the editor, maybe this is related to the BIDI settings.

The hint of using icloud was helpful, I use this method now.

I am new to iphone and try to have a service similar to automate[1], I am amazed how much primitive iphone is.

[1] https://llamalab.com/automate/

BTW: I tried to use folders in icloud and it is probably not supported.

When you select text in the editor, do you get a menu appearing?

Folders are not yet supported, but are on the road map. Simon has mentioned this a couple of times. But it is a good way to “hide” any standard libraries you are using for now.

Yes, I can see a menu with select, select-all and copy… oh… just tested again, now paste is available(!), I honestly do not know what changed, text is still aligned to the right, but I can paste new text now. I am truly sorry, I do not understand what I’ve done. In any case editing the files at icloud drive is the way to go… question: why is it icloud and not any storage provider? And where do you store the metadata, such as the color, icon etc… I expected to see two files per script, one which is the script and the other which is the metadata, this way everything can be managed in git, and in future when you support folder it will be even nicer… :slight_smile:

The meta data is in the script file. Open one outside of Scriptable.

iCloud Drive allows cross device syncing and is available on every compatible device.

Honestly, I had not tought of that but of course it should force LTR. I have added a todo to fix this and will prioritise it for the next update.

As @sylumer correctly pointed out, folders are on the road map but I can’t yet say when it’ll be ready :blush: