Editing an event with Workflow

Hi Rosemary and David, i`m really interested in the automation thing.

I have a question for my weekly time sheet i need to log my start time and end time at work, this varies day by day.
I have an workflow script to create the event in my calendar and now i am looking for a workflow script to set/modify the end time by running the workflow script.

So when i come to work i run the first script and it creates the calendar event and when i leave work i want to run the second script to modify the end time of the event.
There is only one event per day on my work calendar.

How can i modify the end time of the event?


Something like this should do the trick: Clock Out.

It uses the event found as the base, and creates a new event, and the deletes the original one. This is as close as we can get to modifying an event :slight_smile:


Thx Rosemary, Clock Out is just what i needed.
Never guessed that route to create a new event and delete the old one

Brilliant !!!


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