eBay Auction End Time to Google Calendar script

I shared a shortcut the other day for adding the end time of an eBay auction to your Google Calendar.

That shortcut only worked on the web version of eBay, not the app. So I decided to use Scriptable to create a solution that would work on the app as well.
(I know just enough JS to have cobbled this together, so please excuse my ugly code)

Just thought this might be useful for someone!

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Hey thanks. Does this use the Google Calendar app or the API? I got the impression the API required a key and some other authentication.

It is definitely not the app, because I first started using this on the Mac as part of a similar Applescript. The script just creates a link that when clicked will add the event to your calendar. Here is more information on the method I am using:

Hope that helps.

Thanks! Could help for something I’m doing. I assume the URL requires user interaction, or the user to be logged in for the event to actually be added?

Yes, if you haven’t signed in to Google Calendar in a while, Google will ask you to authenticate yourself, before it will try adding the item to the calendar.

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Got it. Tunable. I think I’ll have to use Google’s API. I need a fully automated pipeline.

Just so everyone knows, as of right now this script only works on the iPad (because of the way that eBay presents it’s pages to the web view), and even on that, it is 7 hours off. Still working on figuring this out.