Desktop Spaces • Macros for Navigation and Window Management

On my MacBook Pro I use up to 15 Desktop Spaces. With several, I’ve assigned applications to specific spaces, e.g., I’ve assigned Messages to Desktop 3. With the relatively small footprint of a laptop, the combination of multiple Desktop Spaces and keyboard shortcuts greatly reduces the time and mousing required to manage windows.

Although space-assignment for some apps is certainly beneficial, there are times when windows from these apps need to be visible on other spaces. Movement of such windows with native macOS features is somewhat clumsy, and certainly not done quickly.

Keyboard Mastro, and this set of macros, can greatly assist with this macOS shortcoming and other common Desktop Space tasks even if only a few Desktop Spaces are being used.

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Here’s a little more information…

The macOS native keyboard shortcuts and macros detailed above will enable efficient spaces navigation and window movement. Here’s a summary:

Space Navigation

  Move left a space                ⌃←
  Move right a space               ⌃→
  Switch to Desktop 1              ⌃1
  Switch to Desktop 2              ⌃2
  Switch to Desktop 3              ⌃3
  Switch to Desktop 4              ⌃4
  Switch to Desktop 5              ⌃5
  Switch to Desktop 6              ⌃6
  Switch to Desktop 7              ⌃7
  Switch to Desktop 8              ⌃8
  Switch to Desktop 9              ⌃9
  Return to Previous Space         ⌃Return

Navigation beyond Space 9 can be done two ways:

  1. ⌃9, followed by the required number of ⌃→

  2. By opening or activating an application that has been assigned to the space. (This method can be used for any of the 15 spaces.)

Window Movement

  Move window left a space         ⌃⌥←
  Move window right a space        ⌃⌥→
  Move window to Current Space     ⌃⌥0
  Move window to Space 1           ⌃⌥1
  Move window to Space 2           ⌃⌥2
  Move window to Space 3           ⌃⌥3
  Move window to Space 4           ⌃⌥4
  Move window to Space 5           ⌃⌥5
  Move window to Space 6           ⌃⌥6
  Move window to Space 7           ⌃⌥7
  Move window to Space 8           ⌃⌥8
  Move window to Space 9           ⌃⌥9
  Move window to Space 10          ⌃⌥A
  Move window to Space 11          ⌃⌥B
  Move window to Space 12          ⌃⌥C
  Move window to Space 13          ⌃⌥D
  Move window to Space 14          ⌃⌥E
  Move window to Space 15          ⌃⌥F
  Move window to Previous Space    ⌃⌥Return

Alternatively, the above can be controlled using one Keyboard Maestro Conflict Palette that is triggered using ⌃S.

(I like your cross-reference to another forum. I should try it occasionally.)

The trouble - for me - with spaces is figuring out what to put in each. Which is why I’ve never set them up.

At the risk of hijacking this post (but in the spirit of building on it) how do people decide what to put in each space?

I guess my issue is that everything seems interconnected - so all belongs in the one space.