Desktop Spaces = Magic Roulette 😞

There is a growing push towards setting up contextual work automatically. I try to set the opening of apps to occur in specific desktops (right click icon > options > This desktop) once I have all the correct apps open and generally set 1 app per desktop (MBP screen).

Does anyone have that work consistently? Checking the This Desktop seems useless and unrelated to where it opens the next time. It’s easy enough to just cmd-TAB around when switching but some consistent order would be nice.

I see the common question of how to solve the Spaces/Desktop organization is not fully solved (?).

  • just started using to at least get a specific set of apps open at once
  • launch everything using LBar (does that affect where an app opens?)
  • moom, KBM all available but they can’t control Spaces/Desktop per my last researching
  • ** not just looking for window placement on the same screen/desktop

Does anybody have this whack-a-desktop-mole-problem solved ?

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I’ll be following along with this thread, as I am also in a place where Spaces feels like it almost works.

A few things that have helped, but not completely sorted this out for me:

  • There’s an options in settings to automatically rearrange spaces based on most recently used (or something like that). Best to make sure that’s turned off (it’s enabled by default) to avoid making yourself crazy.
  • This KM macro group is quite helpful: Desktop Spaces • Macros for Navigation and Window Management
  • WhichSpace which shows you the number of the space you’re currently in

I go back and forward about whether to treat each desktop as it’s own space and I haven’t settled on that.

But I’m looking forward for to hearing suggestions from others in this area, too.

Hi @Kaitlin & @Schiasson, I also use Keyboard Maestro in conjunction with the app BetterTouchTool for moving/selecting apps/spaces.
In the video below, I created a tutorial for another user.

Maybe this would be an option for you,

Video :point_down: