Creating a Quick Messaging Shortcut for WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram

I can consider this post a follow-up to this one: Is there a way to create a shortcut on my phone for quick messaging through apps?

I am trying to create a shortcut which prompts me to send a message to a given recipient for WhatsApp, Messenger and Telegram ideally the way it works for Messages (iCloud)

There seem to be actions which can do this if I can add the “ask each time” action to each input, but unless it is suggested I do not know how to do so:

Is someone able to help? As far as I have read many posts, I have tried IFTTT, but the thing I want is not possible for those apps because of the app’s limitations. However, I think this could be achieved by simply using “Ask Each Time”.

Are you sending the same message multiple times via multiple apps to the same person (which introduces redundancy and a risk of annoying them), or choosing an app and sending one message (in which case you might want to default the app/person combo instead)?

Do you know how to use Ask for Input and variables in Shortcuts?

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I am sending a new message to a different person each time. I’d like to choose from a list of contacts.

Not really, I could learn though?

Here’s one way you could approach this.