Coming Soon: LaunchCuts for iOS - A powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for your shortcuts

A powerful, customizable, and elegant launcher for your shortcuts, LaunchCuts has been completely rewritten as a native iOS app using SwiftUI.

It has begun final testing and will be available on the App Store in early January.

Notable features include:

  • Folders : Organize your shortcuts into folders.
  • Smart Folders : Display shortcuts based on multiple criteria, including tags, shortcut type, and accepted input types (e.g. Text, Images, Files, and Safari Web Pages).
  • Sort : Sort your shortcuts by name, color, icon, or size.
  • Adjustable Grid : See more (or less) shortcuts on screen for a given folder.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts : Quickly navigate between your favorite folders and launch your most-used shortcuts.
  • Enhanced Search : Find shortcuts faster with wildcard searches.
  • Multiple Windows : Create multiple instances of LaunchCuts when using Split View and Slide Over on iPadOS.
  • Bright Icons : Bring back the colorful icons from iOS 12.

LaunchCuts is for both casual users who want better organization of their shortcuts and for power users who have gone all-in on shortcuts but have been wanting more out of the Shortcuts application.

Once you start using LaunchCuts, you’ll never want to go back to the stock Shortcuts app for launching and organizing your shortcut collection!

System Requirements and Availability

LaunchCuts requires iOS 13.2 and will be available in early January on the App Store.

TestFlight Beta

A private beta of LaunchCuts is currently being conducted via Apple’s TestFlight. If you are interested in being part of the private beta prior to LaunchCut’s general release, sign up for the Club Shortcuts Mailing List for a chance to try out the beta.


Get a sneak peak at all of the features in LaunchCuts by browsing through the complete documentation. By the time LaunchCuts is released, you’ll be ready to start organizing your shortcut collection!


Adjustable Grid Size

Folders and Smart Folders

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quick Folders and Shortcuts

Work Side-by-Side with Shortcuts and LaunchCuts

Multi-Window Support on iPadOS

Bright Icons


Looks very functional :sunglasses:, and I’ve signed up to the mailing list.

I particularly like the smart folder approach, something I’ve advocated for since the Workflow days, and the folder edit mode option.

Some of the functionality is what I was hoping to use LCP for when it got split view, but this has the potential to offer more I think.

One thing I didn’t see was any provision for dark mode listed or road mapped. I’m definitely a function over form person, but I do like my dark mode, so if it isn’t currently under consideration, I’d like to propose it is added to the list.

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The app supports dark mode. The switch happens automatically. There isn’t a way (yet) to use dark mode when iOS is in light mode, however.

Will get you added to the beta later today.


This looks fantastic. Great design concept. I look forward to trying it out… on the mailing list!

— jay

Very cool idea. I signed up for the mailing list and hope to get to test it out.

Definitely looks interesting. I’m not advanced at all but I like it for the folders. How much is it going to be?

the screenshots look great! I can’t wait to try it.

I remember chatting with you on reddit about learning Swift and app development - I can see that you have seen it through ; )

Welcome to the club, @adamtow :vulcan_salute:


Yes, thanks for encouraging me to learn how to do this. I have not dipped my feet into push notifications, but if I do, I know who to ask!

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I have yet to decide on the final price, but it’s going to be a flat, one-time purchase, not a subscription or a series of in-app purchases that unlock certain features of the app.


Early impressions on this app… WOW!

This app is extremely well designed and feature rich. Initial use has been largely flawless. Congratulations to @adamtow for building what will be, I believe, a welcome addition to active Shortcuts users.

I have realized this app does have one fundamental downside. I now have much work ahead of me to clean-up, organize and tag my jumbled mass of shortcuts! :slight_smile: I should point out such re-organization of your Shortcuts isn’t required to get value out of the app. However, the app adds such improved options to interact with Shortcuts you may be compelled to do a bit of cleanup to take full advantage.

It’s a good day to be an active Shortcuts user. — jay


Thanks for the kind words! I’m happy that other people are now using LaunchCuts; it was getting lonely creating folders and adjusting the grid size of my shortcuts on my own.

Agreed. Extremely polished app.

I wonder do the folder settings sync between iPhone and iPad?

They should sync. Been seeing reports of the sync not working. Have you tried force quitting and re-opening the app? The folders are stored using CloudKit and CoreData, so I know they are transferring.

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The iPhone and iPad do have independent settings for the grid size. I chose this deliberately, since what might look good on the iPhone may not look good on the iPad and vice versa. Otherwise, all other folder settings are shared between devices.


Well done @adamtow! Looking forward to using this. As I said in my response to your survey, the ecosystem is coming along nicely.

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Looks like a really neat idea!
Signed up for the TestFlight beta immediately :slight_smile:

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I’m testing this right now.

It’s crazy how well it works. Some small rough edges still to work out but that’s the process.

I don’t know how the developer will feel about me saying this, but I really hope that this, alongside Toolbox Pro, are on Apple’s radar for a swift acquisition! It’s amazing to see these apps that add such powerful functionality to Shortcuts. If I were Apple I’d be ready to sign some cheques and get the functionality built in.

Obviously the real world doesn’t work that way. I hope that whatever Apple has cooking for next year doesn’t Sherlock this app because I want the dev to make his money and get the recognition the work deserves. That said, I also want Apple to do everything that this app does in Shortcuts 3.0.


Toolbox Pro is one I’ve been on the beta train for before but I really need to work it into more of my use cases.

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Thanks for the comments! Let me know about those rough edges so I can smooth them out prior to general release (or shortly thereafter).

As for being Sherlock’ed, I figure I have 6-9 months of runway before something like that happens. And even if it does, there might still be a place in the market for LaunchCuts — just like there is for alternative podcast players and note-taking apps.


Just joined the TestFlight and it already looks quite polished and performant :ok_hand:

I selected the German localization, when I got asked to. The translations really need work. Do you have a full list? I could then help translating them properly (native speaker). :smiley: