Combine iOS shortcuts and web automation

I am excited to share that Pushcut now comes with web integrations for Zapier and Integromat!

Click here for early access links.

Define smart notifications and trigger them based on location, time, or virtually any event online.

Run shortcuts or online actions directly from your smart notification - giving you the right options at the right time.

Pro Nerd Tip: using webhook actions (eg: in zapier) you can “forward” online actions to any DIY web API, just sayin…



Please experiment and let me know what you think!
(I hear time tracking setups are quite cool with it…)

little side note: today Pushcut is featured on Product Hunt
I really hope people find it useful over there as well…

Is there a way to send data up to Zapier/Integromat? I’m trying to use Zapier as a “relay” to trigger a webhook from the notification itself (without opening any app) and then calling my own private APIs but without a way to send data it’s very limiting with the 5 zap maximum.

Alternatively, is there any chance a future version of Pushcut can do get/post requests natively (and from a notification, without opening an app)?

“Online actions” in Pushcut will send the notification’s or action’s “input” to integromat/zapier.

so, if the notification came through an integration or webhook with input, you will see this passed through in the online action trigger (also called “Input” there).

about the get/post directly: you can use the Pushcut API (I posted about it here) to register your own URLs as online actions.
Pushcut will simply post a payload there when you execute the action - including the input.

I do not plan to add a “Webhook Trigger Editor” sort of thing where you can customize the headers, content, and URLs that you want to trigger ATM. you can use integromat, zapier, or shortcuts for that.

I hope this helps.
Let me know if this is enough for your use case or if something is still in the way!

Oh nice! That API is exactly what I was looking for. Seems to work as expected so far.

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