Automators 6: Automating iOS with Matthew Cassinelli

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Anyone have any questions? :grin:


Hi Matthew - can’t get the Twitter Lists Workflow to work. Any updates? Thanks, Brian

I just updated the links in the shownotes :wink:


In the show you mentioned wanting OAuth 2.0 support. This is currently already possible, it just requires you to have a server to redirect the OAuth requests to the Shortcuts app. You can do this with a pretty simple php file which you can add to your server:


$shortcut = $_REQUEST['shortcut'] ?: 'OAuth%202.0';
$code = $_REQUEST['code'];

header('Location: ' . 'shortcut://run-shortcut?name=' . $shortcut . '&input=text&text=' . $code);

I currently have a Shortcut that interacts with the Foursquare API and uses OAuth 2.0 to allow me to quickly checkin to my most frequented places on Swarm (completely in the background and with a preselected sticker), which I’ll share at some point, but it’s not quite ready yet.


I definitely want to learn more about this @marc. I’m generally non-technical so “just requires you to have a server” is easier said than done :slight_smile:

If you want to help me build a tutorial for people to try this themselves, that’d be amazing – would blast the doors open for so much more opportunity.

I’m extremely jealous of your Foursquare shortcuts!!


Here’s the new links again just in case!

Open Twitter Lists - Workflow
Open Twitter Lists - Siri Shortcuts

Yeah I made the mistake of changing “handle” to “Twitter Username” thinking it’d be more readable, but I forgot I mentioned it so explicitly on the show and also didn’t update the Key for the magic variable for the final URL.

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Great episode, thanks, Matt!

I see the subtraction of 8 hours, then adding 1 hour? What is that about? Is the 8 to get your local offset from GMT?

He mentions in the episode the UTC offset and daylight saving. That should be what it is accounting for.

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If you check my video I have a shortcut to make this work for all time zones. :wink:


Perfect, thanks. I’m in the middle of the episode now. :slight_smile:


You may want to remove (or just reset) your Dark Sky API.

The shortcut you shared on Automators; The Golden Hour – Siri Shortcut still contains the API text at the beginning… I can envision it being downloaded and used as is, surpassing the 1000 call limit before you know it.

Thanks for sharing such a great shortcut!

@matthewcassinelli you mentioned teaching yourself as a non-programmer. I’m in the same boat but obviously much further behind. Looking through Shortcuts I would like to learn more about Variables. Do you have any good resources that explain what they are and how to use them?

I have the Golden Hour and a number of other Shortcuts that run using GPS and work ok from the App, the widget and even Launch Center Pro. But when I add them to Siri and run by voice input they fail to access my location and all relevant data is missing from the response. What am I missing?

See this thread.

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Thank you so much for the explanations about dictionaries!
I was stuck on a Shortcut to prefill name and email in an URL for a Typeform I am working on. Now I can preselect the recipient and he will get his form response via email automatically! :smiley:

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Here’s one article,

Basics of Computer Programming 101 - Variables and Data Types

It also appears that the list name is case sensitive. I had to make I put them in my list as lowercase for it to work in the Twitter app.

Just listened to the show today, coincidentally also discovered I can put Google assistant on my iPhone. I’m an android user at heart but work assigns me iOS devices…
So I experimented with shortcuts and now can hail Siri, ask her to put me through to google, and speak to my usual google assistant! Thanks for the inspiration!