Shortcuts: Siri & Show Result

I have a ‘Show Result’ Using multiple magic variables, which works fine within the App, & double clicking the shortcut icon. But if ran from Siri, only the actual text is read & no output from the variables? Is this the current expected behaviour??

It probably depends on how the variables are populated. There are restrictions when triggering via a shortcut. But chances are it is expected behaviour.

Can you share the Shortcut shortcut?

Running Weather

I have a feeling it comes down to the security around location services. Try referencing both the current date and the city of the current location. Date is returned regardless, but location only when run from the app.

My Testing

I’m wondering if the “While using” location restriction for the Shortcuts app is not met when being run in the background?

Thank you for trying, I’ve just tried sending it to the clipboard & copying it back - so it must be variable related rather than location based.