Automators 13: Launch Center Pro with David Barnard


How are you doing group messaging? I can’t get the url scheme for sms: to send to more than one number and everything else I’ve found seems to hacky. Everything I’ve tried usually involves some sort of extra step or app to get into the group in iMessages.


Have you tried this?


Yeah. I was hoping there was a way that’s as fast as messaging a single person that also brings up iMessage immediately. The two ways I’ve found so far are either above, which only allows you to enter text in LCP thats then passed to iMessages, or having it trigger a shortcut, which unfortunately causes the shortcuts app to open before going to iMessage and can sometimes be slow with my iPhone 6.


This is what I did. I just use LCP to open iMessage with the addresses filled in and I type in or paste the message. I have also setup a “thing” in drafts to send group texts, just to test it out.