AppleScript error... Catalina?

I’m trying to help a colleague troubleshoot an AppleScript problem. Script works fine on my machine (Mojave) but errors out on his (Catalina). Any insights on interpreting the error message and why it is failing on one Mac but not the other? I’m assuming Catalina as that is the primary difference, but wondering if I’m overlooking another possible cause. Thanks in advance for any advice — jay

I’ll preface this with noting that I’m not on Catalina yet; waiting on some app updates first. But, Notes certainly had some updates in the release; so it certainly could be related to Notes interactions specifically.

Here’s a couple of high level thoughts on this.

The error suggests it is the show line, so has it created the note? the fact that there is an ID suggests to me it has. Can you copy the ID and convert that in a separate script to rule out it simply being an odd timing issue.

Have you checked if there are any name or syntax changes in the AppleScript dictionary for Notes in Catalina? Specifically around the use of show?

I don’t think it is the show. If that line is commented out the script will still crash. I will dig in to the timing idea on Monday when I’m back in the office and have time with my colleague’s Mac.

I’ll also try to add some other examples of the crash. This actually originated in a hazel script. Crashing as the file was added to the Apple Note. To simplify the troubleshooting I moved to Script Editor and kept peeling away code.

In fact, the original problem script is the same as the one I referenced in this earlier thread. Works fine for me, but not for my colleague.