Apple Script: open pre-existing note from Apple's Notes application

I would like to create an apple script that opens a pre-existing note from Apple’s Notes application. How do I do this?

I adapted this script from here:

tell application "Notes"
    tell account "On My Mac"
	    set newNote to make new note at folder "XYZ" with properties {name:"Test", body:"body text"}
	    show newNote -- this is the text that gets highlighted when the error occurs
    end tell
end tell

It creates a new note in the correct location, however it does not open the note. Instead, I get this error message:

error “Notes got an error: Can’t make show id “x-coredata://95ABF30B-037A-471B-81DD-42ACC847D91B/ICNote/p2938” into type specifier.” number -1700 from show id “x-coredata://95ABF30B-037A-471B-81DD-42ACC847D91B/ICNote/p2938” to specifier

Again, I want to open a pre-existing note. This script is just a test so I can try to figure out what to do.

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