Anyone have Message automation triggers working?

Curious if anyone has been able to create an automation that fires on the “When I get a message from” communication trigger?

I’ve set one up but it never fires. Only potential curveball with my automation is I’m trying to trigger off of a 5-digit short code instead of a full conventional phone number.

Just want to get confirmation this works at all before I spend more time on it. I figure it might be completely broken like the workout trigger. I looked around the forum and found a couple threads about this, but nothing recent and conclusive.

I have an automation that runs when I get a message from the pharmacy to say a prescription is ready that runs a shortcut to add a task in Omnifocus. The pharmacy is in my known senders list so is referenced by name.


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Ok thanks, that’s helpful.

Just ran some tests using various two-step login systems. Looks like full-length phone numbers work, but shortcodes do not. At least that’s my experience so far.

Update, found a workaround for shortcodes: Add the number to a contact, and then change the automation to trigger on messages from that contact rather than the raw number.