Hello I am not sure I am posting in the right place, avid listener but first time poster. I used to use the Packal search omnifocus workflow in Alfred but that doesn’t work with new mac os Monterey. I know it says can download Python but this seems way beyond my ability (I think) does anyone know of a simpler workflow for Alfred (latest version) that does the same? Thank you in advance James

Have you read this thread on Alfred and OmniFocus?

If that doesn’t cover what you want, can you describe what you need?

Thanks Sylumer, I had a read but it still doesn’t work on Alfred 5 and Monterey. It is the Alfred workflow that Macsparky would use to look up tasks/projects etc directly from Alfred. It was by Packal. It no longer works unless you run some Python (which honestly dont understand sorry).

The workflow ultimately linked from there is the one I use for creating tasks and it not only worked for me on Monterey with OmniFocus, but also with the OmniFocus beta, and now on Ventura. It utilises AppleScript only - no Python.

From that description, I tracked down this post…

… that liks to this workflow…

… which is presumably the one you are referring to. It has a number of script filter actions that use Python - but that’s where Monterey will have bitten you as Apple dropped some scripting support. The version of Alfred I don’t think will have made any difference.

If you don’t want to go thorough the effort of installing Python, then you could probably use this workflow which uses Node to support the operation.

Should you want to install Python 3 at any point, I have some instructions for Python 3 that people have used to get the advanced features of Doctor Drafts (Alfred workflow for Drafts).

Packal is just a repository, not a creator per se. There is a new Alfred workflow gallery launching shortly. You can view the workflows ready for inclusion on the Alfred forum here (no OmniFocus ones there as far as I can see).

I also don’t see any in the pending list.

Hopefully, something above helps.

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Thank you soo much! I will give those a go!