90: Holiday Automation 2021


I can only get the Twinkly lights to have a solid colour through HomeKit. Is there a way to get HomeKit to invoke the various colour transformations that you can get from the Twinkly app?

Sadly not, it’s limited in that respect, but at least you can turn the lights on and off automatically now which is ideal for those of us whose Christmas trees are bright enough that they can light up the bedroom while we’re trying to sleep!

True. And you can create scenes in Home app each with a different colour. I created 3 scenes called “Red”, “Blue”, and “Green”. Then if I want to switch up the lights I just say “Hey Siri Red.” Fun Christmas times!

I can’t get home kit to find the Twinkly lights. However, I do love them. The Twinkly app will let you set it up to come on and go off at a certain time. Even that has been awesome.

Are yor using 1st or 2nd generation Twinkly lights?

2nd generation. They have the ability to turn themselves on and off each day and I have a playlist of designs so I don’t necessarily need them in Home app. But I am trying to have everything accessible thru Home as the alternative is the other world, ie. Alexa!

Also have you updated the firmware in the Twinkly app?

I noted my Bypass (Alfred) workflow for Shortcuts had a brief shout out in this episode. Just to highlight that the workflow got a notable update just before the episode came out. I covered the details over on the Bypass thread, but as a quick summary:

  • It now has flows to help you generate (copy or insert) command line calls, URL calls and AppleScript to call a shortcut (with and without input).
  • Some new “help” flows.
  • There is a new documentation page that covers all of the features.
  • Elgato Stream Deck support (see below).

Bypass includes a flow whereby you can call it from your Stream Deck with a parameter to run a shortcut. There is a flow built in to help you generate the call, and even get the icon from Shortcuts so you can use it on your Stream Deck. There is a blog post on my web site to explain how it works and how you use it. This means I can put my Shortcuts automations alongside my other automations on the Stream Deck and it works seamlessly; and all without having to figure out the call each time, or have dozens of script files around. All in all, it worked out as a nice neat solution.