67: Automated Communications


I am always switching between Spark and Airmail but after listening to you today I’m going to try Airmail again :blush:

I was considering switching, but the latest reviews apparently have it turning into nagware, where if you don’t want to pay for the premium subscription, it keeps popping up asking you to subscribe. I’m not anti-subscription by any means, but I am anti-nagging. For those on here that are using the non-pro version, are you getting that same impression?

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Great episode. I’ve been using Airmail on both platforms. I agree with what’s being said. It still feels like a Beta, but I’m willing to put up with it because I really like some of the extra functionality.

Rosemary - I’d love to hear more about your Messages Shortcuts. This is a big frustration for me, especially since we are now using text messaging more for work (whether I like it or not!).


@RosemaryOrchard are you able to share your messages to OmniFocus shortcut? I can’t figure out how to invoke. Thanks

Another great episode!

As someone who also cares but is terrible at remembering to do things for birthdays and holidays, I agree about the utility of creating OmniFocus tasks or even projects for people’s birthdays. For my closest family and friends, I send them a cool handwritten card through the mail from my phone using PunkPost. That OmniFocus task popping up ten days before their birthday is super helpful.

However, I disagree with the email merge portion of the episode. I find great utility in sending weekly personalized emails to all of my students
and their parents. There is research to back up the increased effectiveness of the personalization:

I have a post outlining how I do this using Office 365:

Not leaving well enough alone, @sylumer right here on the forms helped me move this into a Drafts and Shortcuts workflow:

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