10 New Tools In Toolbox Pro, Including Workouts, Activity & Powerful Notifications 🎉

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year! I’ve just pushed the first update of the decade for Toolbox Pro, with 10 new tools:

:weight_lifting_man:t2:‍♂ Get Workouts

  • Finally! Access your workout data from the Health app.

:watch: Get Activity

  • Access the activity summaries recorded by your Apple Watch with individual ring progress as a percentage, exact figures or an overview of your total rings completion. :medal_sports:

:bell: Show Notification

  • All the control a developer has with notifications… Control grouping, schedule when & where notifications appear, set them to repeat, embed data within them, add interactive buttons - even type into themjust like Messages!

:no_bell: Edit Notifications

  • Modify your scheduled notifications

:bust_in_silhouette: Add Contact

  • Add a photo, choose contact groups, add home and work addresses, emails, phone numbers and even a birthday.

:busts_in_silhouette: Add Contact Group

  • Add, remove or list current contact groups.

:musical_note: Add Tracks To Playlists

  • Add multiple tracks found with Find Songs to multiple library playlists.

:arrow_forward: Seek Playback

  • Programmatically seek forward or back by your chosen number of seconds or jump to a specific number of seconds into the track.

:fax: Scan QR Codes In Image

  • Feed in an image and return the contents of any QR codes found within, without manually using the camera app.

:world_map: Find Locations In Text

  • Finds partial address in the given text, looks up the full address and outputs a location object .

If you missed the last update…

:framed_picture: Create Images From Text

  • Style text, render it to an image with an (optionally) transparent background for overlaying on another image

If you are enjoying the new functionality this app provides to Shortcuts and want to see more tools, please take a moment to leave a quick review, it really helps me out, thanks!

What tools would you like to see next?


P.S the ability to write text into notifications like the ones you get from Messages is really fun…

This Redditor wrote about some of the possibilities when combining it with Scriptable and Drafts.

The first thing that comes to mind (I’ll have a deeper think too) is something to create audible tones or notes. Rather than having to have audio files to play being able to generate simple tones would be nice.

I use audible feedback during longer shortcuts to mark progress so I don’t have to watch the screen. Being able to generate different tones could make this sort of approach much more accessible.

Being able to vary basic things like duration and frequency would be ideal, but this could be extended to provide control over other waveform properties too in time if there were demand for it.

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Really cool I idea and perfect for a Sunday afternoon tinker :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion I’ll have a look into it.

There’s no beta at the moment I’m afraid. I may open one down the line to test new features.

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Thanks so much! Very excited to try the workout and activity ones especially.

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@mralexhay, if you are tackling switch/case actions, you could also look at a more advanced if action. One that allows you to match a list of all conditions (AND) or any conditions (OR).

While both the switch and compound if have ways of being tackled, a simpler construct for convenience would be viable for both judging from that other thread.


I would love to see some google drive integrations

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Hi @mralexhay, I’m not so good with the creation of the shortcuts yet.
Would it be possible to post an example of how to add an individual image to the notification so that I can see it, similar to the pushover notification?

I tried a contact photo. Unfortunately, the display only works once, and the second time I get a notification, it is no longer visible.

You select an image in the ‘attachment’ field of the Show Notification tool.

What do you mean the display only works once? Are you setting the notification to repeat or do you mean the next time the short is run?

This simple example will show a notification with a random contact that has a photo:



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Your example is the solution of my problem @mralexhay :+1:
I saved App Icons as a contact and didn’t know which action I could use to pass them to the Toolbox Pro notification.

I had taken the action “Contact” and selected the App Icon with “Press + to add contacts”.

Thank you very much for your fast answer and solution :star::star::star::star::star:

best regards from Germany