Zoom in Meeting chat notification

I monitor exams on zoom, and of course, want to be able to get other stuff done, but respond quickly to any questions over Zoom. There is no way to get zoom itself to make any audio when someone puts something in the chat. Only for the “Team Chat” which doesn’t work for this.
Can anyone think of a tool or script that can monitor a window or even a portion of the screen and give an alert when something changes?

If you really have no other option, then take a look at this idea.

I would suggest a similar approach and instead capturing s specific area periodically or watching for a button change, or whatever Zoom might give you, and hashing the image rather than checking the file size, but as a rather finickyblunt instrument approach, it should technically work.

Thanks. I thought I might need something like that, so I’ll try it out :+1:t3: