Zapier iOS Notifications

I’ve just started playing around with Zapier and I can’t seem to find any support for notifications on iOS. Am I missing something obvious here?

I use PushBullet with Zapier for notifications - it works on all platforms which is very handy. They don’t have an iOS app so couldn’t provide iOS notifications directly :slight_smile:


How do you use pushbullet to get the Zapier notifications?

Pushbullet is just another service Zapier connects to. You interact with it in the same way you would any or the other services.

I’m trying to get Pushbullet to notify me when a zap runs. I don’t see that as an option in Zapier, unless I’m missing something

It would have to be added an an extra step. It’s not built into actions.

If you do not mind using webhooks you can also check out Pushcut.

I have just released it to do this very thing: provide a way for automation to communicate to my iOS devices and give me options directly.
You can attach multiple actions to a notification - each can run a shortcut or open a URL.
For “pro users”: Using the JSON API you can even pass in dynamic inputs and stuff like that.

quick update: as of yesterday the Pushcut integration for Zapier is approved and in the “Early Access” stage

now it is really easy to send smart notifications from Zapier to iOS devices.
be sure to check out the “Online Actions” feature too - you can trigger zaps directly from notifications!