Your top ten shortcut feature request

  1. Triggger on location without prompt.
  2. Improved time/date picker.
  3. Support for more than two persons leaving home (grandma shouldn’t be left in the dark)
  4. Minutes and hours in wait command.
  5. Apple TV navigation arrows support.
  6. Calendar event as trigger
  7. Temperature as trigger
  8. Weather condition as trigger
  9. Webbhook as trigger
  10. Ability to control notification knobs in settings
  1. Stop randomly failing for no discernible reason.

(I have a macro which pops up two different prompts, asking me for input. About 10% of the time it just stops working after I enter the second input.)

  1. Option to remember previous values given in prompts

(so we I have to re-do it because of #11, I won’t have to re-enter the information.)


Some good ones in there! I also like the weather idea. My main one is to have a scheduler that’s more or less like cron.

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I’ve got a few…

  • Allow me to name a magic variable from the context menu before placing it in an action.
  • A “debug” mode that basically allows a QuickLook action after every step if you’re in the debug mode.
  • A “run this action” option in the context menu so we can test a single action or loop without running the entire Shortcut
  • A “disable this step” toggle that lets me turn off specific actions without removing them from the Shortcut
  • Per-shortcut notification options. Sometimes I want to know a Shortcut ran, most of the time not.
  • Rounding and format options built into number actions, similar to the date formatting in date actions. There’s no reason to need an additional step to round to the tenths place, should be part of the “calculation” action, for example
  • More Fitness actions. I use ToolboxPro to “Get Details of Workout”, but it’s limited.
  • Chron-style automations (run this shortcut every x-hours)
  • BRING BACK THE OLD WIDGET STYLE! The old widget held a ton of shortcuts. There’s no reason for the buttons to be as big as they are in iOS14. Replace 8 home screen icons with 4 shortcut buttons? No thanks.
  • Copy/Paste entire blocks of actions (like repeat loops or choose-from-menu lists)
  • Stop locking up when running home screen widgets then not alerting me or killing the app so the only way I know it’s stuck is an hour later when I open the Shortcuts App and I can’t tap on anything until I force-quit it twice.
  • Device toggles - let me show/hide shortcuts based on device. I don’t need Health-related shortcuts on my iPad, since they don’t work there. I don’t need writing-related shortcuts on my phone, because I never write there.
    (and unrelated to Shortcuts - LET ME SEE HEALTH DATA ON MY IPAD!)

Can you tell I use Shortcuts way too much? :smile:


I really really like the disable action idea!

I would love it if apps could donate triggers to shortcuts. That would open things up enormously.

I wish this was not true:

For some of these, it is not clear to me why they cannot be run automatically.

The following automations cannot be run automatically:

  • Arrive
  • Leave
  • Before I Commute
  • Email
  • Message
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

I suspect extra load on servers along with battery issues connected to the daemons running. But there has been a thread a mile long concerning this.

Shred XML would be mine.

Hmm thats a good one. I am leaning towards notification controls, imagine setting up timers for notification. Essentially you could turn off everything work related once you get home.

Prepend to Notes! It’s so frustrating it can only Append… :persevere:

I love some of those ideas - especially the trigger ones!

just posted a bunch of these on - the more we request something the more likely they are to implement it, right?

My wish was granted but within Focus feature, thank you Apple :slight_smile:

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