“You must unlock your phone”

Has anyone found a list of actions that require unlocking your phone. I have some that only speak some text and spawn a notification, and yet insist I unlock the phone to complete them.

Usually after the actions have finished.

Are you referring to Shortcuts custom Shortcuts? If so presumably you are using other actions before your spoken text or notifications. It will be the data capture they invoke that would require authentication of device user.

If you are referring to more native Siri triggered actions, can you provide some examples?

Here’s the process. I invoke the shortcut, it says whatever it’s going to say, then it asks to unlock the iPhone, then it shows the notification,.

The shortcut gathers no data at all, it is all pure calculations based entirely on numbers in the shortcut.

Do you have the Continue in Shortcut action? That would trigger the unlock prompt. There are others that require the iPhone to be unlocked, such as:

  • Getting Health Data
  • Getting Current Location
  • Dictation
  • Open App

Telling us the actions in your shortcut will help us identify what’s causing the prompt.

Showing the notification is actually an action that will require you to unlock your device if you are triggering directly from Siri. If you push data to another service that sends a notification, or if you trigger the Shortcut with an unlocked device and then lock it during the run then you can get a notification from the running of the Shortcut.

Interestingly if you run from a locked device via the widget you’ll find many additional actions work without unlocking the device. When invoking via Siri it is like you are asking for a switch in UI and when faced with a visual only based way of communicating I think that triggers Shortcuts/Siri to want to kick into the main app and hence the need to unlock the device. I think this was why Apple created the Show Results action as it can be spoken and read.

As for a list of Shortcuts actions that are affected by this, I’m unaware of one, but if you think “is this an action that passes a result to me by audio or by vision” that will help figure it out - in addition to all the actions that access private/secured data.

Hope that helps.

you can access your widgets when the phone is locked?

actions are calculate number, calculate dates, speak results, and show notification. There are no actions that access any on-phone data (the closest is date {current date}).

It really seems like “show notification” should just go into the notification stack if the phone is locked with all the other notifications that come in when the phone is locked.

Check your settings under Face/Touch ID

Yes I can access my widgets when my phone is locked.