Would you use an app like this?

I’m tinkering with an app idea that’d allow you to populate a widget with data from shortcuts. The idea would be that a shortcut can send “entries” to the widget, where each entry would hav all or some of these:

  • a title
  • a description/subtitle
  • a date
  • an image
  • a link to go to when tapped.

Depending on the widget size, the shortcut would show one or more of the most recent entries.

Would you use something like this? If so, what kind of shortcuts/widgets would you build?

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This is basically the idea behind my MFC Deck app, which is currently available for beta testing on TestFlight.


Ah, I see now. I came across it when initially browsing this forum, but from my initial impression, it just looked like a prettier way to launch shortcuts, but now this is neat!

Recently @simonbs posted a widget from Scriptable he’s working on. That’s similar to what you want.


I think MFC deck has a lot of power, but tbh it is very difficult to use and understand :sweat_smile: Something the power users will like but most people won’t be able to use. So if you make an app that lets people populate a widget in a straightforward way I think you’d have a larger audience you could target compared to what MFC deck will be able to target, in its current form.