Workout shortcut

I run on the treadmill every morning and watch various items on the ipad.

I’m trying to create a shortcut for my iphone that will
Turn off bluetooth
Set Auto-lock to Never
Open the Stopwatch

From what I’ve seen, this is not possible. Am I wrong? Does anyone have a creative workaround? Thanks!

A Shortcut action to toggle Bluetooth on/off is directly available in Shortcuts.

But, as with most system settings, there is often no direct toggle/action. To quickly jump to the Auto-Lock settings you could paste this URL prefs:root=DISPLAY&path=AUTOLOCK in the “URL” action and pass it to the “Open in Safari” action. You will jump directly to the regarding settings subpage.

For the stopwatch I found out that you could use the URL clock-stopwatch://to at least jump directly to the stopwatch tab of the clock app.

Thank you very much!

I forgot to mention that if you cue those actions, which will redirect you to other apps (incl. settings), get back to the Shortcuts app with the back link in the top left corner of the screen, where normally (iPhone X and above) the time is shown. The active Shortcut will then continue with the next step.

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Hi Leo, I got autolock working easily by using your tip, but how do I get the stopwatch to work as a shortcut? Are those two slashes a happy face or actually in the code? Some more guidance please?

They are part of the URL. You could always try with and without to check the results on anything like that.

Thank you.
I’ve tried and I can’t get it working - that’s why I ask. Is that the entire url or do I need to include something else?

Got it. That URL certainly used to work, there are plenty of references to it online

I’ve just tried it and it is recognised…

… but then immediately flagged as invalid.

I’ve never seen those two message triggered in succession before. It kind of feels a bit like a bug to me.

Seems like either a bug or a deliberate choice to remove that URL. Apple did touch the clock app in iOS 14 for the bed time features. :confused: