Workflow -> Weight monitoring diary (photo + weight info)

Hi guys, I created this simple Workflow that takes the weight data measurement from the current day, rounds the output to 2 decimals, inserts a “kg” text after the weight value, then takes the current date and combines the weight value and date value, copies this text to clipboard, then takes the last photo taken and invokes the “Text” overlay on this photo, where you can just paste the combined text and save this photo to your Photo Album of choice that acts as a weight loss diary (I have set up my album as “Keto + IF).

Its a very simple workflow and has some issues, for example, you have to resize the pasted text on the photo, but if anyone has suggestions on how to improve this, let me know. HFGL!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that the workflow assumes that you have a health sample (weight) entered in your Health app. I use a Nokia personal body weight that automatically writes my measurements into, but I guess you can do it manually.


A few suggestions for you to simplify the workflow.

  1. The Get Text From Input and Combine Text actions seem redundant to me unless I’m missing something subtle. If I’m not, remove them.
  2. The Set Variable action isn’t required if you pull in the Round Number result as a magic variable into your Text action.
  3. Consider adding a Get Item From List | Last item between your Find Health Samples Where action and the Round Number action. This will ensure you only get the latest value if you have registered two values on a day.

Hope that helps.


@sylumer: Ah! Point #3 … Light goes off in head! … thank you I was wondering what to do about this in a similar health workflow.

Thank you very much. I have updated the workflow with your suggestions. It works.

That looks much easier to follow to me.

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