Workflow using Heart Rate

Hi All

I am totally unsure if this is possible but I was wondering if there were someway to get a prompt to do X such as meditate if my heart rate from Apple Watch goes above Y?

I am guessing its probably not but figured I would ask the people in the know.

That’s not possible to do but you can get alerts if your heart rate is high, and I’ve found the breathe notifications tend to pop up when I’m feeling stressed which suggests it’s tracking it too.

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Thanks Rosemary for the quick response, turns out this will be much easier!

However I can’t find that menu in the watch app?

In the Watch app on your iPhone it should be under notifications.

Yeah that’s where I looked. It’s a series 1 I have so wondering if it’s not on it. I’m holding out for the new one before upgrading.

Available on series 1 onwards. Ref. - Your heart rate. What it means, and where on Apple Watch you’ll find it. - Apple Support

Do you atcually have series 0?

Starting to think that’s the case, I picked it up second hand about a year back just to keep me going until the new ones came out.

Still, is fine, what I’m looking to do I’ll be able to in a couple weeks :+1:t2:.

Thanks all for your help

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