Workflow to spreadsheet or Apple notes or something else

I’m trying to make a workflow that I can track my overtime with. I would like to push the app, have it ask me how many hours I worked , take the current date and then put it in a spreadsheet, or Apple notes, or something but Inwould like to keep it in date order. I’m very new to this and having trouble with it, but I’m having fun playing around with it. I just can’t find /don’t know how to get it in date order on a spreadsheet or notes or something.
Looking for some guidance. Thanks

Without knowing exactly what you have available as an alternative to Notes (Notes is not great for automation right now), or what type of spreadsheet, all I can really suggest is to capture to file in a spreadsheet app readable format (CSV).

This should give you a starting point.

If you want to reverse the date order you would change the append setting in the workflow to prepend.

Hope that helps.

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I use Apple notes, google sheets and docs, pages, numbers. I’m just not sure how to get them on to it.

Apple products like Notes, Numbers and Pages are poor automation citizens on iOS so let’s put them aside.

Whilst Workflow supports direct use of IFTTT, the replacement Shortcuts app in the next OS release does not currently and there’s no guarantee it will. However it does support e-mail.

Take a look at this IFTTT recipe -

It puts data from an email into a Google sheet.

Workflow supports e-mail, so take a look at the previous workflow I provided and see if you can modify it to send the data in a mail. Look at the IFTTT recipe. Create your own to process your incoming mail.

Then you have your solution.

Thanks a lot I will check it out

Are you running the beta? What stinks is they used IFTTT in the shortcuts demo at WWDC. Know of any alternatives? Zapier?

Yes, I am using the Shortcuts app beta. I included a viable alternative above that uses a different IFTTT trigger.

I don’t know why IFTTT isn’t in the beta app, a handful of potential reasons come to mind), but it could change in the final release. I’d rather just hedge my bets on the solution to offer not requiring the integration.