Workflow to grab and convert Twitter "gifs" to

actual gifs. I didn’t create this, but I found it a year or so or go and I may have tweaked it at one point.

Have you ever tried to download and save a gif from Twitter only to learn they’re not real gifs? This workflow will grab it, convert it, and save it to your iOS camera roll.

I can save and post here if anyone is interested.

Please post it. I’m interested.

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Sure. Let me see if I got this correct

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

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Sure, if I’m in the Twitter app (or Tweetbot), I share the tweet I’m interested in via the share sheet to Workflow, and run that workflow.

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It also works from Twitterrific, which is my preferred app. The trick is to share the tweet, not the gif itself.

Thanks again!

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