Workflow: Reschedule Reminders

So happy to learn about this show! Looking forward to many more automations. Thanks Rose and David! Now, on with the Workflow workflow:

Workflow: Reschedule Overdue Reminders

While I use OmniFocus (and currently, Things as well), there are often times where I simply need to create a quick reminder via Siri. Some of these reminders aren’t that important or something comes up and I don’t need to do it at the time or day I originally scheduled it for, so I’ve been using this workflow for the past year or so to reschedule overdue reminders. I also have similar workflows to reschedule reminders due today, and reminders due in the future. The difference is really just in the first Get Reminders action’s date filter and you could easily combine them into a single workflow (I was lazy when I created the other two so it was easier to duplicate and edit).

The workflow will find all reminders that have a due date before the current date and then present a list of everything that matches. You then select the reminders you want to reschedule. Using a repeat loop, it will iterate through each reminder you selected, showing the reminder title and due date. You can then select the date field and edit it to your desired new due date. Since Workflow isn’t able to actually edit a reminder, what it does is actually create a new reminder populated with all of the details from the original. It also adds to the reminder’s note some text saying when the reminder was deferred from (i.e. deferred from: July 4, 2018). This is in addition to any note that was already present in the reminder.

Of course, we don’t want to leave it with a duplicate reminder, do we? By setting the original reminder (prior to the edits) to a variable, we can recall it after creating the new reminder, and pass it into a Remove Reminders action to delete the original. After the new reminder is added, you’ll be prompted to delete a reminder. Be sure to say Okay to this so you don’t have that duplicate.

Workflow: Reschedule Overdue Reminders
If you have any ideas to improve, please have at it.

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Great workflow, one I’ll definitely be using. The only thing that annoys me is the interface to set up the new reminder… I don’t like the fact that you have to manually key in the date/time. Don’t understand why it doesn’t use the standard iOS picker. Might have a go at customising it if I get a few mins…

So I made a couple of tweaks:

  1. Changed it to use the standard date picker
  2. Added each ‘old’ rescheduled reminder to a list then deleted them using this list. You only get one delete confirmation when doing it this way.

Link here:

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