Workflow: Mange Feed Wrangler Feeds

For various reasons I use Feed Wrangler as my RSS Sync service. As a way to manage feeds, and primarily rename them, I’ve played with the API quite a bit. I have one Feed Wrangler workflow that will subscribe to each country code’s RSS feed for my podcasts reviews., and another that actually renames each feed so I can tell what country the review is from. In the process of learning that I made a workflow, that if you use Feed Wrangler, might be useful for other people. It allows you to manage your existing feeds. It lets you rename feeds, unsubscribe, or just get the feed IDs. Upon import it’ll ask for your Access Token.

Nice, I didn’t know Feed Wrangler had an API to utilize. Might have to move away from Feedly (which I’ve just been using by default).

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