Workflow for work overtime

I’m looking to make a workflow where I can enter my overtime that I work. My overtime is either 9 hours or 15 hours, I would like to enter the date then 9 or 15 then have it added to a google spreadsheet so I can keep track of my overtime. I’m looking to automate it if it’s possible, hopefully someone can help or give me other suggestions.

You could create a google form.

You could enter the number of hours and you will have a date stamp automatically.

Then you should have all the data to do whatever you Want like send email summary every week or 2.

Thanks. I’m just looking to keep it in a spreadsheet to keep track. How do I do the google form? It’s all in the workflow app?

Google forms are often used as surveys, but can be used as a simplified / more user friendly way to capture data. It automatically uses a Google sheets spreadsheet to store the data.

Google products such as Google forms are not a part of the Workflow app - they are an entirely separate thing provided by Google, not Apple.

It’s a pure Google solution and quite succinct if you bookmark the form for your web browserand it will work regardless of what Internet connected device you might be entering the data on,

Now it is possible using Workflow to use IFTTT as a go between to put data captred or generated by Workflow into a Google spreadsheet. However, Workflow will be superseded by the new Shortcuts app in the next iOS release and it currently doesn’t have IFTTT integration … so I would be cautious of going down this route.

However, I believe you could do this.

  1. Capture the details via Workflow.
  2. E-mail from Workflow to IFTTT with the date as the subject line and the body as the number of hours. I’d probably use a tagged mail option for this as I potentially might have multiple mails goign to IFTT
  3. IFTTT can be set to then place the subject and the body in separate cells in a new row.

That approach should see you safe and sound with the new Shortcuts app as well. But I only include it for completeness. Using Google Forms in a browser has a number of advantages (several covered above).