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I’m trying to make a workflow to add information to my calendar. I’m having trouble with it. I’m looking for the workflow to ask me the date and ask me if it’s an all day event or not. Then I want a menu with 7 different options I click then it will be added to my calendar. I can’t figure out how to get t to work. Any suggestions?

Do you have an example of what you’ve got so far? What part are you stuck at?

I wouldn’t necessarily approach the overall requirement this way, but to provide some ideas for you that line up with your questions, take a look at this.

For clarity, please note that this example is built for Shortcuts rather then Workflow - hopefully you’ve upgraded to Shortcuts and are just using the older terminology in your post.

  1. It uses Ask for Input and Ask When Run for date/time population.
  2. It uses a Choose From List to specify whether to make something all day - if you put this at the end you could simplify the shortcut with a Menu instead of this and the If action.
  3. It uses an If action to switch between an event that is all day or not based on the earlier selection.
  4. It uses a menu (just 2 entries for this example) to give a few options. I’ve placed these in a dictionary to make it easier to reference in creating the event.

Hope that helps.

Ok so this is what I did. It’s embarrassing I’m not good at this. I’m just playing around trying to get this working.

Basically I make everything an all day event except for taxi. Also taxi has its own calendar and everything else is on one calendar called work. I’m also considering adding a menu option that says personal so I can add personal appointments on it also. The problem is that whatever I put in the menu for example Taxi :taxi: I would like that to show up on my calendar with the emoji and word taxi. I basically want a template that I can tap taxi it enters it and asks me the date and time.

I use week calendar which I love and I have everything on my calendar color coded. On that calendar they allow you to make templates and that’s what I’m trying to make here using shortcuts. To get it color coded on week call I can set up words to look for and it will add the color automatically cause I don’t think we can do that in short cuts.

The templates work great that I set up in week calendar, there just a pain in the butt to get to.

Like I said I’m not good at this but I’m having fun playing around with it.

Also I called it workflow the other day and meant to say shortcuts.

Thanks for your help and advice.

You probably want to play with adding Ask When Run to the fields you want to be customisable on running.

@sylumer do you know or anyone else know if it’s possible to add a calendar event that always has the same time I just always have to pick the date? An example would be you workout from 12pm to 4 pm but you just want to pick the date? Basically like a template?

Try this approach.

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