Wonkiness in shortcuts app

Is anyone else having general consistency problems in the Shortcuts app? For example on iPad touching one on my shortcuts to run it often opens it in edit mode rather than running it. I have had a number of shortcuts run once and then give a “extension communication timeout” error. And even a few actions have been inconsistent ( the If action at times does not offer a condition to input, etc…Just wondering if I am the only one. I really want to learn to use shortcuts more but these inconsistencies are making it very challenging.

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I’ve had this trouble, too.

Yes having trouble on my iphone, I touch the screen and nothing happens.

Also, if I say the name of a shortcut to Siri, she will open it up right away (which is great), but then this shortcut has a menu of 6 or 7 different things and I touch anyone of them and nothing will happen. Is that normal? I don’t remember if that’s how it was before iOS 13.