Windows/iOS Omnifocus user that allows me to write projects on Windows and import into omnifocus

I’ve found that I’m limiting the amount I’m plugging in to omnifocus because of my lack of a traditional, pc style keyboard input. I’ve tried using a bluetooth keyboard, but that never felt right. Is there a way I can type up the tasks in a project on my pc with a text editor and then import the file into Omnifocus on iOS?

Maybe one of these approaches would work for you?

  1. Use the web interface and just do it from the PC, no IOS use required.
  2. Type up the tasks in Taskpaper format, save the file to a shared cloud storage area (e.f. iCloud Drive, Dropbox). Then either manually copy and paste the file content into Omnifocus on iOS, or use a Shortcut to automate the entry.

Hope that helps.