Window Management on Laptop vs Widescreen Monitor

I recently splurged and got a new M3 14" MacBook Pro and also a LG 5K2K monitor (LG 40WP95C-W). I love them both but window management and arrangement is obvioulsy different on those screens. What I can seem to figure out a way to do is switch window arrangements when I using the monitor with the laptop in clamshell mode or just the laptop screen.

For example, when I’m using the monitor only, I want to split screen Mimestream and Mail. I want them in their own space with a 50/50 split and not just a half window of each on Desktop 1. But when I’m using the laptop screen, I want them each in their own space (preferably) or a zoomed window on Desktop 1 that I can ⌘+Tab between.

Here are the tools at my disposal:
AppleScript (I don’t know it though)

I do not have a license for Keyboard Maestro. I have never used it before. But if it would allow me to accomplish this then I would certainly entertain it.

I have other app pairs that I want to treat in similar fashions but I figured this would be a good example to start with. Does anyone have any ideas on how to handle the triggering of changes between screen setups and how to move, un-split, or re-split windows?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

With what you’ve got, probably your best bet would be to use Shortcuts: find external displays to set up some logic to toggle between your arrangements, find windows, filtered by name, move them into position on the chosen display. You could activate with a keyboard shortcut or from the menubar. Fullscreen splits don’t seem to be supported this way.

Display Maid might be able to do what you want.

Otherwise, it would be worth trying out Keyboard Maestro (display triggers and pixel-based automation). Or you’ll need to dive into AppleScript or Hammerspoon.

From the Moom page at Many Tricks:

" Save and restore window layouts

This feature is particularly useful if you use a laptop with an external display—Moom can trigger saved layouts on addition or removal of displays."

I have Moom but I have not used this feature, as I use Stay for this. However, I no longer recommend Stay as sadly it appears to be abandonware. It sill works for me with Sonoma however, so I’ve not yet switched to Moom.

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Thanks. Sadly, it looks like what I want to accomplish is not possible due to limitations with how macOS handles Spaces and Full/Split Screen apps.

Yes, I think the issue is the accessibility interfaces don’t provide enough access to windows off screen or full/split screen modes so none of the tools can offer that. Still might be possible with screen macros.

Hammerspoon can check peripherals and move windows around.
Needs a bit of programming skills. Or not being afraid and google skills :wink: