Will Pushcut have an IFTTT integration someday?

IFTTT is not very reliable when it comes to sending url requests. I was wondering if you were planning to put Pushcut on IFTTT? (especially the automation server part, good job with that by the way)
I know it’s the developers who need to pay for that, but maybe it would attract new users. I mean, I have a bunch of devices and subscriptions just because I have seen them on IFTTT.

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I assume you have read this, but behind the scenes everything would be working through web API requests, so if you are finding the IFTTT service unreliable at sending these pushes for your needs, then I wouldn’t expect anyone but IFTTT could do anything about it.

Have you contacted IFTTT with details and examples of the issues you have been having? If not, that would be a good action to take.

For me I haven’t had any issues with webhooks on IFTTT firing at the right time, but my uses tend to be infrequent and ad hoc, and so don’t give a great sample size for any reasonable measure of reliability.

Minor typo in the very nice guide you’re referencing, @sylumer

… In case @sliemeobn is listening: It’s “taping” where you mean “tapping”, Simon. Obviously no spell checker would catch that. :slight_smile:

thanks for the tip. please only tape on notifications if you want them permanently.
I think this is what they call a “persistence layer”.


In terms of IFTTT: at the moment, the costing is just a too much and I will have to grow Pushcut more before I re-evaluate if this makes sense. Honestly, I very much doubt it will attract too many new users - so the expense would mostly be to give existing Pushcut subscribers easier access. I will try my best to achieve this though.

How are you guys feeling about IFTTT anyway? To be honest, I feel like it is getting worse and worse lately. Is this just me?

Whenever I try to “create” something, or look up what integrations there are and what they can do I find myself lost in a dumpsterfire of aggressive marketing and confusing “try this, try that, got to try this!” suggestions.

This combined with the understandable, but somewhat ridiculous limitation of only ever connecting two things is quite a turn-off.

I know this makes no sense, but somehow in my head IFTTT is moving in the same bucket as Facebook - not a good bucket…

How about you guys?

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Actually IFTTT launched a maker programme years ago that allowed for multiple actions. I did the beta at the time. It’s now more a developer option I think.

If you want to jump through a hoop or two you can also use Glitch to effectively do some middleware work for you.

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I recommend you check out Integromat. I switched from IFTTT and Zapier to use it exclusively (and now I’m pushing it to everyone everywhere because I want them to stay around for a long time :joy::joy:). I find their service much more versatile and also very reliable.

It works perfectly with Pushcut. :+1:t2:


+1 for Integromat

For online automation I like it the best at the moment. And as you I hope that they will stick around as well ; )

thanks for the IFTTT tips @sylumer, I’ll check it out!

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I just started using Integromat. Add me to the list of people recommending it. Super powerful and awesome interface.

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