Widgets not running under macOS 13

My widgets are not running under macOS 13. All widgets show “Received timeout when running script”. Is there any solution?

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Me too. The possibilities are two:

  1. The code needs to be update, so we can download new version of scriptable.app for Mac;
  2. MacOS has a little bug and with next update it will work.

I think is first point the problem. To solve it alone, I need source code :confused:

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Has there been any update on this? If I run my scripts via the app they work fine, but in the widget panel all I get is “Received timeout when running script.”

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Anyone any news on this? Is is just a simple wait for it to update are there no plans on updating it for macOS 13?

The app hasn’t updated and all of a sudden my script started running again.

My widgets are all still not running…

My widgets are suddenly running again without any changes or updates!