Widgets duplicating/showing wrong contents

I feel like I’ve read about others having this issue, but I can’t find a post about it now.

In the image below, all 3 widgets should be unique, but 2 are loading the same output:

The widget content not shown shows the next calendar event. Until I added the 2 task widgets, I never had any issue with the calendar widget.

There doesn’t seem to be any consistency to which widget is duplicated. The task widgets are awaiting tasks with the Reminder and Calendar classes.

Has anyone seen this and found a solution?

I’m on the latest versions (Scriptable 1.6.3, iOS iOS 14.6)

Any chance your calendar Scriptable widgets configuration was messed up some how? i.e. Is the script parameter definitely set to the calendar script?

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Thanks for the quick reply! Interesting thought…

These are actually 3 separate Scriptable files, so it shouldn’t be a case of passing the wrong parameter (only the cal widget even accepts a param, and it’s currently in its “default” state without one).

But based on your comment, I tried just adding parameters to the 2 task widgets. I used unique values (q & w), and they immediately started working as expected…odd.

My assumption is that either iOS or Scriptable is confused about which widget belongs in which container, so maybe giving them all unique parameters is enough to help with that? Not sure, I’ll update if I find anything else out.

Edit: nope nevermind, still happening