Widget broken after updating from 17 to 17.01

One of my widgets stopped working after patching iOS 17 to 17.01. works like a charm when started from scriptable. Others kept working…

Anyone else experiencing such flaws?

Mine seem fine. Have you tried adding it again to the Home Screen?

Yes, removing, adding, reducing scope (number of days to forecast weather)…

Other widgets are running fine though… let’s see and wait for 17.02 tomorrow :wink:

Strange you had to redo some of the code to make it show less days.

I doubt we’ll see a 17.0.2 tomorrow. I also doubt that much will change for widgets in a x.y.z release since they are typically only minor security patches

Hi mvan, the 17.02 release was a joke - playing with the fact that 17.01 was release on quite short a term after 17. Nevertheless I hope whatever they’ve changed will be fixed somehow - don’t think I am the only one to experience these problems.

About the “number of days” - I did not change code, it’s a configuration. Less days draws less memory - could have been the reason. But wasn’t , obviously.

Ahh I see. Tbh 17.02 isn’t a release nor is 17.01. Its 17.0.1. But either way, jokes aren’t really easy to discern via text

Hopefully the issue is better for you soon

:+1:t2:… let’s keep fingers crossed…

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Fun fact : suddenly it works again. Hidden 17.0.1+ update - hehe

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